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Societal actors

Standards ensure consumer's health and safety and help them be increasingly aware of their environmental footprint. Standards help protect the environment through the inclusion of green solutions in the standards development process. By engaging in standardization work addressing the challenges of new technologies and innovation such as smart meters, the European Standards Organizations support the move towards a greener economy and at the same time contribute to the improvement of society's welfare and comfort. Standards secure the interoperability of products, which in turn provides consumers with a broad choice and cheaper solutions. The impact of standardization on the consumers, the environment, the workers, and citizens at large is present in every day life, and it is therefore crucial that the voice of organisations that represent these specific interests is heard and can influence the standardization process.


CENELEC welcomes European organisations representing societal interests and puts a special focus on making sure they find the best means to use and be involved in the European standardization process. The status of CENELEC Partner Organization offers various means to be involved in the system and CENELEC currently counts in its Partner Organization family three European Associations representing societal stakeholders: ECOS (the European Environmental Citizens Organisation for Standardization), ANEC (The European Consumer Voice in Standardization) and ETUI (the European Trade Union Institute).


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Moreover, societal stakeholders are also duly represented at national level through CENELEC national members where their interests are gathered and then taken back at every other level of standardization. This national channel offers them the facility to work and access information in their own national language, and to ensure that the specific needs of the national market are duly reflected at European level.


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