International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies
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Your Peerspective

Standardization is all around us ensuring a safer world for citizens, responding to the needs of industry, meeting consumer expectations and contributing to the consolidation of the European Single Market.


European Standards (ENs) are a key to success at a societal and economic level. ENs look after the public interest on aspects like health and safety, the protection of workers, consumers and the environment. Business wise, they provide companies with a strategic tool to increase their competitive edge and place widely accepted products and services on the market.


The economic benefits of standardization contribute to growth of all economic and societal actors. Standards belong to the knowledge economy that underpins European industry and society. European standardization is a key instrument for the European economic recovery.


Standards provide authorities and companies with the tools to design sound policies. Standardization helps regulate the market, is a complementary tool for legislation and is committed to provide effective support to European policies in many areas.


Check out why standardization is part of your life, essential to your safety and key to your business!