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The European standardization system, as it is known today, is the result of a long-standing and successful public-private cooperation involving various actors: industries, public authorities, consumers, trade unions etc. The important role that European standards play in the development and consolidation of the European Single Market and the support they provide to other EU policies, create a strong link between standardization and legislation.


These strong links are framed by the New Approach concept. Thirty percent of European standards directly support EU directives and give presumption of conformity to the law. This ensures the production of state-of-the-art, high consensus deliverables, widely accepted by the market, which gives a unique role to European standards.


Therefore a close partnership with the European Commission and the EFTA Secretariat exists and the ESOs benefit from this unique recognition as being the sole European Standards Organisations whose deliverables, the European standards (ENs), can provide direct support to European legislation. This is translated in Regulation 1025/2012 on European standardization.


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