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Standardization's impact on citizens

Standardization’s impact on citizens

For citizens, standardization generally looks like a nebula: an intangible and obscure world full of technicalities and constraints.


Beyond the technicalities of standardization with the experts, engineers, and societal stakeholders involved in the standardization making process, standards bring tangible benefits of which citizens are not often aware.


Safe, comfortable and interoperable products: Quality of products and greater choice for consumers


Nowadays, technology evolves so rapidly to entail the risk for products not to be secure enough or to cause interoperability problems. The consumer could be the victim of this technological pace in remaining imprisoned of a technology. Standards offer the consumer the choice of its products, allowing that he keeps the interoperability of the products he has at home. Besides, standardization permits the accelerated transfer of new technology in the market with a minimum-security framework. In bringing interoperability to products, standards make them cheaper to buy, offer a wider choice, ensuring safety and comfort of the consumer. Standards define specifications and performance requirements, therefore industries need to differentiate each other by the quality of their products.


Environmental-friendly standards contributing to the greening of European industries and products: better measuring our impact on nature through standardization


Consumers are always more willing to know their impact on their environment. Standardization offers you the possibility to measure it by producing the methodology to calculate the energy performance. In this way, standardization ensures the use of the same calculation methodology for products, which enables consumers to compare and make a choice taking into account environmental considerations. A good example is the so-called energy labelling for washing machines that are rated following a range of colours from red to green, which states how green the product is.

The benefits of standards to the citizens are thus numerous. By offering an open and transparent platform, inclusive of every stakeholder from economic actors to societal partners, CENELEC secures the durability of this trend.