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CENELEC Workshop Agreements (CWA)

A CENELEC Workshop Agreement (CWA) is a document made available by CENELEC in at least one of the official languages (English, German, French). It is an agreement, developed and approved by a CENELEC Workshop and owned by CENELEC as a publication, which reflects the consensus of identified individuals and organizations responsible for its content. The Workshop Agreement is announced and possibly made available at national level. Conflicting national normative documents may continue to exist. Revision of a Workshop Agreement is possible.

A CWA shall not conflict with a European Standard (EN) and a Harmonization Document (HD). A CWA shall be withdrawn if the publication of an EN and HD brings the CWA into conflict with the EN and HD.

The CWA is valid for 3 years or until its transformation into another deliverable. After 3 years, the CCMC consults the former Workshop participants to see whether a renewal for a further 3 years is appropriate; if not, the CWA should be withdrawn.

To know more on CWA read the document Guidance - Characteristics of the CEN-CENELEC Workshop Agreement and CEN-CENELEC Workshop guidelines