International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

Technical Reports (TR)

A Technical Report (TR) is an informative document made available by CENELEC in at least one of the official languages, established and approved by a technical body by simple majority vote of CENELEC national members. A Technical Report gives information on the technical content of standardization work.

Technical Reports may be established in cases when it is considered urgent or advisable to provide information to the CENELEC national members, the European Commission, the EFTA Secretariat or other governmental agencies or outside bodies, on the basis of collected data of a different kind from that which is normally published as an EN.

The decision to develop a TR can be taken by the Technical Board (BT), by a CENELEC Technical Committee (TC), a Technical Subcommittee (SC) or by a BTTF.

The CENELEC technical body, which prepared the draft TR (prTR) is also responsible for its approval. TRs are approved either in a CENELEC TC voting meeting or by a vote by correspondence of the CENELEC national members. If approved, the TR is made available unchanged to CCMC. TRs are not amended but replaced by a new edition with the same number and new date of edition. However, Corrigenda are possible.

No time limit is specified for the lifetime of TRs, but it is recommended that TRs are regularly reviewed by the responsible technical body to ensure that they remain valid.