International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies
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TC Secretary

The Secretary provides professional management support, in the form of administrative, operational and technical services to a Technical Committee (TC) or a Subcommittee (SC) and particularly its Chairperson to ensure that the TC functions efficiently and that the CEN-CENELEC Internal Regulations are followed.

The Secretary is inter alia responsible for:

- Recording the principal decisions of the committee in the form of clear resolutions taking all necessary elements for their implementation and assuring that they fully respect CENELEC policies and rules;

- Carrying out the decisions of the meeting without delay;

- Ensuring adherence to the provisions of the CEN-CENELEC Internal Regulations, relevant BT resolutions and agreed timetables, chasing up delayed activities when necessary;

- Ensuring that all published documents, which are the responsibility of the TC/SC, are reviewed at the intervals specified in the Internal Regulations;

- Convening an Editing Committee at the appropriate time, e.g. prior to transmission to CCMC for Enquiry or Formal vote, as an element in his/her overall responsibility for the quality control of drafts;

- Acting impartially, divesting him or herself from a national point of view;

- Ensuring that drafts supplied by the TC/SC in the agreed reference language version are of good linguistic quality before handing them over to CCMC for translation by UTE and DKE (or BSI, if the reference version is not English) at the stages of Enquiry, Formal vote and Publication;

- Providing advice on CENELEC Rules as required and ensuring that members of the TC/SC are aware of, and implement, the relevant BT and TC/SC decisions;

- Ensuring that CCMC is regularly updated with relevant information concerning the TC/SC work progress and overall running;

- With the support of the Chairperson, coordinating activities of subordinate WGs and managing liaisons with other bodies.