International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies
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The Convenor is responsible for the activities of a Working Group (WG) established by a Technical Committee (TC) or a Technical Subcommittee (SC) to undertake a specific task: the preparation of one or more draft standards according to the specifications set by the TC and within the specified time frame. The TC Secretary invites the TC members for nominations to Convenor position, referring to the characteristics of the position and the work specifications given to the WG.

The Convenor of a WG accepts these work specifications, having also evaluated that the WG composition as nominated by the TC or by the national member (NC) is appropriate for the completion of the required work.

He/she also ensures that WG experts have appropriate briefing on relevant rules and procedures and that an interim draft has been sent to the TC Secretary at least once during the drafting process.

The Convenor judges the state of readiness of draft standards for enquiry including the quality of the technical content and the level of consensus within the WG, prior to release to TC Chairperson and Secretary.