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TC Chairperson

The role of a Technical Committee (TC) or Subcommittee (SC) Chairperson is to conduct meetings of the TC and to guide its secretariat. The Chairman shall maintain strict impartiality and divest himself from his national point of view. He has no voting rights.

The Chairperson shall do everything possible to obtain a unanimous decision of the TC or the SC. If unanimity on a subject is not obtainable, the Chairperson should try to seek consensus rather than rely simply on a majority decision.
With the agreement of the Chairperson of the Technical Board, the TC/SC Chairperson may represent CENELEC at meetings of other organizations in order to give technical advice on subjects within the scope of the TC/SC. On such occasions, he/she may be accompanied by the secretary or other delegates from the TC/SC, or may, with the agreement of the committee, send a deputy.

The Chairperson, in consultation with the Secretary, decides on the circulation of drafts prepared by Working Groups of the Technical Committee to the CENELEC enquiry.