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Web conference service

Web Conference

You are a Technical Body (TC, SC, WG, Workshops), a management or a technical group with CEN or CENELEC secretariat and due to many constraints (e.g. busy agendas, short deadlines, financial crisis), you cannot meet as regularly or as easily as you wished? CEN and CENELEC offer the solution for you: virtual meetings.

Indeed, we give you the access to web conferencing facilities: with the application "GoToMeeting", also used by ISO, IEC and ETSI, you will be able to advance your work on European standardization without leaving your desk!


A free of charge tool

The use of the web-conferencing service is free of charge and includes the use of VOIP (Voice over IP) facilities available for most of the European countries. Since summer 2011 the web meeting facility includes video conferencing technology. Please note that CCMC does not provide webcam devices for web meetings organized at CCMC.

How does it work in practice?

CEN and CENELEC offer you a simple web interface with the availability of the CCMC web conference service, on 
This page shows a calendar with the number of free licences (maximum 16) for each working day. Whenever you see one or more licenses available you can book your virtual room for that date.

To reserve a room, the organizer can use the Request Form or send a meeting requests to at least 5 working days before the actual meeting. The following information is mandatory:

          Full name and role (e.g. Els Somers, Secretary of CLC/TC123/WG01);
          The meeting title (e.g. CLC/TC123/WG01 preparation meeting Brussels);
          The organization/technical body involved (CEN TC, CENELEC TC, NSB/NC, ...);
          CEN, CENELEC or CEN-CENELEC meeting;
          The web meeting date, including begin & end time;
          The number of participants

By default, access to GoToMeeting will be provided 3 working days before the meeting date. At the end of this period, the organizer's account will be suspended automatically. Another request (via is needed to re-activate the account again.

User Guide, guide of good practice and support

Extensive information about GoToMeeting can be found on
(Knowledge Base, Documents, Videos & Training).

A CCMC users guide, best practices for the tool, and the Register Form can be found here.

Any questions and/or remarks? Please contact us at