International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

Technical Board

The Technical Board (BT) is responsible for controlling the standards programme and promoting its speedy execution by the CEN-CENELEC Management Centre (CCMC), Technical Committees (TCs) and other bodies.
The BT consists of the President and/or the Vice President(s) and one permanent delegate from each CENELEC member (National Committees), who establish the necessary contacts at national level so as to be able to represent the member effectively.
BT meetings are be chaired by the President or a Vice President. The BT secretariat is held by CCMC.
The functions of the Technical Board, which may be executed either at a meeting or by correspondence, include inter-alia:

  • Deciding on all matters concerning the organization, working procedures, coordination and planning of standards work;
  • Monitoring and controlling the progress of standards work in close cooperation with CCMC and, in particular, in consultation with the TC Chairperson and Secretary,
  • Keeping under review the title, scope and programme of work of each TC, in order to ensure the greatest possible coordination and avoidance of overlaps and to see that each TC is engaged in a limited number of practicable projects;
  • Examination of proposals for new projects;
  • Deciding on which questionnaires should be issued and evaluate their results;
  • Setting up and disbanding TC, allocating their secretariats and appointing their Chairperson;
  • Imposing or releasing standstill obligations and dealing with members' requests to publish related national standards in the meantime;
  • Organizing technical liaison with intergovernmental organizations, international organizations and European trade, professional, technical and scientific organizations;
  • Considering and ruling upon appeals;
  • Undertaking such other tasks with regard to standards work as may be specifically requested by the General Assembly or by the Administrative Board on its behalf.

BT may delegate some of its functions to appropriate subgroups or technical bodies, under its full authority and supervision.
Representatives of the European Commission and the EFTA Secretariat and, subject to contractual agreements, other organizations are invited to attend BT meetings as observers. In special cases the Chairperson may also invite experts to take part in BT discussions.