International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

Advisory Bodies

Advisory Bodies to the administrative Board

The Administrative Board may take the decision to set up advisory bodies or groups in areas where the need to get support from dedicated experts is identified, such as financial and other strategic issues.
The advisory body or group is chaired by the President, President Elect or a Vice President.

The members are representatives of the National Electrotechnical Committees, and occasionally of cooperating partners, and are recruited through an open call. The number of members may vary according to the topic and the terms of reference of the advisory group.

List of existing advisory bodies:

FINPOL – The Financial Policy Committee
The Financial Policy Committee (FINPOL) deals essentially with the medium and long-term financial policy and is involved in the preparation of the draft CENELEC budgets and in the monitoring of the performance of the approved budget. The Vice President Finance chairs FINPOL, the secretariat being in the hands of the Director General. The composition of FINPOL includes appointed representatives from the National Committees. The President is ex-officio member.

Meetings take place at least in February, to advise on the closing of the accounts of the previous financial year, and in September, to assess the evolution of the approved budget of the current financial year and to prepare the budget of the coming year.


WG POL - CENELEC Working Group Policy
The CENELEC Working Group Policy (WG POL) is responsible for preparing items for Administrative Board (CA) decision and for monitoring the implementation of CA decisions relating to CENELEC’s policy at large. In its external relations activities, the Committee complements the work of the European Standardization Organizations Joint President Group (JPG) for sectoral issues of purely CENELEC nature. The Vice President Policy chairs WG POL, the secretariat being in the hands of CCMC. The composition of WG POL includes appointed representatives from the National Committees.

WG POL’s responsibilities range from following-up on the implementation of CENELEC’s strategy, preparing CENELEC’s involvement vis à vis the construction and enlargement of the EU and the European Economic Area, assessing issues relating to CENELEC’s interface with third countries/regions’ NSBs (e.g. affiliation), to coordinating issues relating to CENELEC’s interface with and involvement in IEC, etc.