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Global partners

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European Standards (EN) foster trade and welfare inside as well as outside the European Economic Area contributing to the removal of Technical Barriers to Trade (TBTs).
That is why, we, as a European regional standardization body, have always been open to cooperation/collaboration with other standardization bodies worldwide.

At international level, we signed in 1996 the ‘Dresden agreement’ with IEC, formalizing our strong cooperation with them. We recognize the important role played by the international standards, being strongly committed to the IEC principles.

At regional and national level, we cooperate with other regional standardization bodies as well as with third country National Committees (NCs). Depending on their links with Europe and their interest in European Standardization, we offer different forms of cooperation.

For National Committees in third countries, we propose the concepts of:

  • Affiliation;
  • Partner Standardization Body (PSB);
  • Cooperation Agreement.

For the regional standardization bodies, we propose the concept of:

  • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

Contact Points:

Mr Hervé Gauthier
Unit Manager, International Cooperation

United States
Coordination of the unit

Mrs Zhuohua Chen
Programme Manager, International Cooperation
CEN and CENELEC Affiliates;
Canada, Central and South America;
Caribbean and Pacific Group of States countries;
China, Japan, South Korea, ASEAN countries;
Development of Membership (Companion Standards Bodies, Cooperation Agreements);
Projects: SESEC III, Quality Infrastructure in the Western Balkans

Eric Marchand
Programme Manager, International Cooperation
CEN and CENELEC Partner Standardization Bodies;
Gulf States, Russia, Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Africa;
India, Central and South Asia, Oceania;
Projects: SESEI III
Development of Membership (PSB, Cooperation Agreements)


Alexandra Rentea
Administrator, International Cooperation

Visibility and Communication
Dissemination of ENs to 3rd countries