International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies


Partner Organizations

CENELEC develops European standards and other technical specifications to respond to the needs of European industry while meeting consumer, environmental and other societal expectations.

CENELEC, through its active cooperation with all main stakeholders, is engaged in removing trade barriers for European industry and consumers and contribute to the consolidation of the European Single Market.

In this context, CENELEC and its members are fully committed to cooperating with key organizations for the development of sound partnership relations aimed at meeting the scopes and missions of CENELEC. These partnerships are developed taking into account the complementary roles of each partner and the different levels at which such cooperation may take place, be it at national or European level.

The CEN-CENELEC Guide 25 gives information on 'The concept of Partnership with European organizations and other stakeholders'.

The six categories of Partners are:

  • Partner Organization;
  • Liaison Organization;
  • Associated Body;
  • European Counsellor;
  • European Institutional Stakeholder;
  • Other Cooperating Organizations not covered by this Guide.

All European partners cooperating with CENELEC fall into one of the above categories depending on their private/public nature, representativeness, area of interest, as well as their corresponding financial support to the system. CENELEC offers European organizations, associations and stakeholders two main areas in which to build active partnerships:

  • at the level of governing bodies and their working or advisory groups
  • at the level of Technical Committees and other Technical Bodies

The status of 'Partner Organization' is addressed to those organizations having an interest for cooperation at overall corporate and technical level with CENELEC.