International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies


One criterion for joining the EU is full integration in the European Standardization System (ESS) to ensure technical harmonization in the framework of the European Single Market. The National Committees (NCs) of the countries formally recognized as potential candidates for EU membership can become a CENELEC “Affiliate”, according to the revised CEN-CENELEC Guide 12 - The concept of Affiliation with CEN and CENELEC'.

The CENELEC Affiliates are the closest partners of the EU. They target a high alignment with the CENELEC catalogue of standards and are willing to bring a meaningful contribution to the technical work of CENELEC Technical Committees.

Transition from the old Affiliation to the new Affiliation status with CENNELEC

Starting January 2017, the old Affiliation status is gradually replaced with the new Affiliation status with CENELEC, available only to NCs of the countries formally recognized as a potential candidate or a candidate country for EU membership.
Organizations that are not eligible for the new Affiliation concept are invited to become Companion Standardization Bodies (CSBs) of CENELEC.
A transition period has been foreseen until end July 2017, during which the old and new CENELEC Affiliates will co-exist.

Below is the list of the Affiliates as per the concept that was prevailing before the revision. The list will be updated as some of them gain the status of Companion Standardization Body with CENELEC.