International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies




CENELEC recognises the growing importance of environmental issues and the role that electrotechnical standardization has to play in order to foster sustainable development. CENELEC, together with its members, will therefore endeavour to fulfil the following environmental policy:

1. Through standardization, CENELEC is committed to encourage continuous improvement of environmental performance of electrotechnical products. Whilst also taking account of market practicalities, CENELEC Technical Committees are requested to assess and continuously improve new and existing standards in order to reduce adverse environmental impacts over the whole life cycle of products. Through its Technical Committee TC 111X "Environment", CENELEC raises awareness, gives guidance, and advises on standards work related to the environment and its aspects in product standards. This TC also addresses the generic environmental standardization needs of the electrotechnical sector, especially in support of European legislation.

2. CENELEC co-operates with other relevant bodies on the environmental aspects of standardization. In addressing environmental aspects of standardization, CENELEC maintains close relationships with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the European Committee for standardization (CEN). Some environmental considerations of standardization are product-specific, and therefore fall within the remit of the relevant Technical Committee(s).

However, approaches for defining requirements and test methods are often generic, and are therefore best coordinated with other bodies, which define similar elements in their standards for products and systems. Co-operation is therefore an essential part of CENELEC's environmental policy. TC 111X has a major role to play in this respect. CENELEC also maintains contact with the European Commission on environmental aspects of standardization, particularly in view of the Commission's established practice of issuing mandates to CEN-CENELEC for the preparation of standards in support of legislation.

- CENELEC TC 111X "Environment" is open to participation from all CENELEC members, affiliates and co-operating partners.