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Electric Vehicles

Electrical Vehicles

Standardization of electric vehicles is becoming an important issue. The need for clean energy and the support provided by smart-grids have led to new European policies that encourage the deployment of charging infrastructures for electrical vehicles.


Mid 2010, CEN and CENELEC established a Focus Group on European Electro-Mobility which produced in October 2011, as reply to European Commission Mandate M/468 (charging of electric vehicles), a report on 'Standardization for road vehicles and associated infrastructure' that represents the specific standardization requirements for European electro-mobility.


One of the main recommendations of the report was to establish a CEN-CENELEC eMobility Co-ordination Group with the aim to support coordination of standardization activities on Electro-Mobility.


The CEN-CENELEC eMobility Co-ordination Group (eM-CG) was established in March 2012. The eM-CG is responsible for making sure that standards necessary for eMobility are being dealt with in a coherent manner by the relevant technical bodies. The eM-CG developed a work programme and a list of relevant standards for the charging of electric vehicles.

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