International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

Electromanetic Compatibility

Insulated wire and cable

In an increasingly wirelessly connected world, it is sometimes overlooked that the backbone of power and communication networks are, by definition, cabled. They need to continuously evolve to offer greater speed and quality, as well as support the even higher demands of the overall communication system. Cables require a high level of safety, reliability, performance and precision in their use. They can be copper, aluminium or fibre, combined with a broad variation of protection and insulation materials. This is illustrated by the work done by CLC/TC 46X to accommodate future high bit rates cabling solutions.

CLC/TC 20 'Electric Cables' prepares (harmonized) European Standards in the field of insulated conductors, cables and flexible cords and their accessories, for both low and high voltage with the exception of telecommunication wires and cables. CLC/TC 55 'Winding wires' follows the IEC activities in light of European needs for the field of winding wires. The TC also addresses environmental aspects, taking into account European Directives.
Furthermore, CLC/TC 213 'Cable management systems' is responsible for the development of the EN IEC 61386 series on Conduit systems for cable management. The TC prepares European standards for products and systems used to the management of all types of cables, information and communication lines, electrical power distribution conductors and associated accessories.


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