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Electromanetic Compatibility

Household and other appliances

Household appliances are electrical appliances intended primarily for housekeeping functions, such as washing, cleaning, heating, cooling, cooking and includes appliances intended for household uses (e.g. shavers, hair care appliances). The same distinction can be made for those intended for commercial use, such as appliances used in professional kitchens for cooking, appliances for commercial cleaning,  commercial washing machines, spin extractors and tumble driers. Other equipment and appliances in similar fields, where there is no CENELEC Technical Committee (for example, fence energizers), are also categorized as Household appliances.

Household appliances are one of the most observable areas, in which the application of standards is perceptible in everyday life. Therefore, the standardization work on household appliances is very broad and covers a wide range of activities.

European Standardization activities for the electrical safety of household and similar electrical appliances are developed by CLC/TC 61 'Safety of household and similar electrical appliances', which guarantees that users can make an adequate use of appliances without being exposed to risks that could cause harm.

By virtue of the work carried out by CLC/TC 61 Manufacturers, other economic operators or conformity assessment bodies, can use harmonised standards to demonstrate that products, services or processes comply with relevant European legislation like Directives on Low Voltage, Machinery, Pressure Equipment, Toys and Explosive Atmospheres.

The standards on the safety of household and similar electrical appliances (embodied by the EN 60335 multi-part series) are continuously adapted to the latest technological changes and increases the use of sophisticated electronic and software-based controls, as well as the need for aligning with European legislation.

When it comes to the performance of household and similar electrical appliances, CLC/TC 59X 'Performance of household and similar electrical appliances' prepares European Standards on methods of measurement of characteristics that are of importance for determining the performance of electrical appliances for household use or of electrical appliances for commercial use that are of interest for the user. This may include associated aspects related to the use of the appliances and aspects, such as the classification, accessibility and usability of appliances, ergonomic characteristics and conditions for the information provided at the point of sale.

The standards are developed in order to suit the needs of EU Regulations and Directives, and in the context of the European market. In this context, the dedicated methods for measuring the energy performance of energy-related products developed by CLC/TC 59X help manufactures to measure the energy efficiency of their products against the thresholds laid down in Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Regulations adopted by the European Commission.

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