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Energy and Utilities - CENELEC Technical Committees

Energy and Utilities - CENELEC

Developing carbon neutral technologies, Activity Sector IDs are producing a better and more rational use of energy and other natural resources, therefore becoming an essential for sustainable development for our society.

This concept has been emphasized by the Europe 2020 objectives related to climate change and energy. The EU has set the targets of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 20%, improving energy efficiency by 20%, and raising the share of renewable energy to 20% by the year 2020. The EU framework on climate and energy for 2030 that was proposed by the European Commission in January 2014, presents targets that are more ambitious and aims at reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40%, while also increasing the use of renewables to at least 27% by 2030. In addition, Europe is going through a process of opening up utilities markets, including those for electricity and gas.

CEN and CENELEC, through the work of over 65 Technical Committees, collaborates with industry partners, the European Commission and other stakeholders to develop and adopt European Standards that support the successful implementation of European legislation.

List of CENELEC Technical Committees under Energy and Utilities:


  • Energy and Utilities_General (see mart grid and smart mertering )
  • Electricity distribution and equipment
      • CEN/CLC/JTC 2 Power Engineering
      • CLC/SR 115 High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Transmission for DC voltages above 100kV (Provisional)
      • CLC/SR 28 Insulation co-ordination
      • CLC/SR 32 Fuses
      • CLC/SR 32A High-voltage fuses
      • CLC/SR 36 Insulators
      • CLC/SR 37 Surge arresters
      • CLC/SR 37B Components for low-voltage surge protection
      • CLC/SR 42 High-voltage and high-current test techniques
      • CLC/SR 73 Short-circuit currents
      • CLC/SR 90 Superconductivity
      • CLC/TC 11 Overhead electrical lines exceeding 1 kV a.c. (1,5 kV d.c.)
      • CLC/TC 13 Electrical energy measurement and control
      • CLC/TC 14 Power transformers
      • CLC/TC 17AC High-voltage switchgear and controlgear
      • CLC/TC 36A Insulated bushings Active
      • CLC/TC 7X Overhead electrical conductors
      • CLC/TC 99X Power installations exceeding 1 kV a.c. (1,5 kV d.c.)
  • Electric Generation (including turbines)
      • CLC/SR 105 Fuel cell technologies
      • CLC/SR 114 Marine energy - Wave and tidal energy converters
      • CLC/SR 117 Solar thermal electric plants
      • CLC/SR 4 Hydraulic turbines
      • CLC/SR 5 Steam turbines
      • CLC/TC 82 Solar photovoltaic energy systems
      • CLC/TC 88 Wind turbines
  • Nuclear energy and related equipment
      • CLC/SR 45 Nuclear instrumentation
      • CLC/TC 45AX Instrumentation, control and electrical power systems of nuclear facilities
      • CLC/TC 45B Radiation protection instrumentation
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