Events release - 2012

Workshop on the application of standards in nuclear installations

Application of IEC/SC 45A and CLC/TC 45AX standards

Brussels, Belgium, 2012-04-10

The European Commission Joint Research Center / Institute of Energy (EC-JRC/IE) and CENELEC TC 45AX (Instrumentation and control of nuclear facilities) have organised a joint workshop on the application of IEC/SC 45A and CLC/TC 45AX standards in nuclear installations.

The workshop will be held from 15 to 27 April 2012 in Petten, the Netherlands.
Besides an in-depth view from the standardisation field, EC representatives will provide presentations on EC orientations related to standardisation and nuclear safety in Europe and Industry and Regulatory Bodies will cover more technical subjects. Several panel sessions will offer replies to any particular question participants may have.
Please contact Jens ERDMANN, Programme Manager - Industry, Technology & Infrastructure - Standards, in case of further questions:
32 (2) 550 08 17