News release - 2011

CLC/TC 65CX “Fieldbus” adapts its scope and is converted into CLC/TC 65X “Industrial-process measurement, control and automation”

Brussels, Belgium, 2011-05-02

During its March 2011 meeting, CLC/TC 65CX “Fieldbus” investigated the alignment of their activities with the activities undertaken at the international level. IEC/TC 65 being restructured, CLC/TC 65CX considered it opportune to adapt its scope accordingly and to focus on the activities of IEC/TC 65 including its subcommittees. With some additions, the new scope, pending approval from the CENELEC Technical Board, would follow the scope of IEC/TC 65 and read:

“To contribute, support and coordinate the preparation of international standards for systems and elements used for industrial process measurement, control and automation at CENELEC level. To coordinate standardisation activities which affect integration of components and functions into such systems including safety and security aspects. This CENELEC work of standardisation is to be carried out for equipment and systems and closely coordinated with IEC TC65 and its subcommittees with the objective of avoiding any duplication of work while honouring standing agreements between CENELEC and IEC.”

At the same time, it was agreed to change the Technical Committee number and title into:

CLC/TC 65X “Industrial-process measurement, control and automation”
CLC/TC 65X Proposed adaptation of Policy statement as submitted to the CENELEC Technical Board for approval:

1/ To take into account and to recognize all work in international standardisation for systems and elements used for industrial process measurement, control and automation and to apply the IEC/CENELEC cooperation agreements.

2/ To integrate IEC standards, when available, according to a time schedule based on proven technical capabilities.
3/ To integrate existing standards which originated in Europe and fulfil the scope of IEC TC65.
4/ The main activities should focus on:
4.1 To survey existing de-facto standards in Europe in relation to the IEC plan.
4.2 To propose the progressive integration of IEC work, when available, on CENELEC level. To propose the time schedules for such integrations.
4.3 To advise CENELEC BT regarding dual logo standards as adopted by IEC and brought to CENELEC via Parallel Voting Procedure.
4.4 To support and coordinate standardisation work from other European Standardisation Institutions which is related to or affecting the work of CLC/TC65CX (e.g. safety, frequency bands, application-specific directives, etc.).
The CENELEC Technical Board very much welcomed this initiative and approved the new title, number and scope of CLC/TC 65X on 13 April 2011.