News release - 2012

Moving towards increased cooperation between CENELEC and AFSEC

AFSEC President speech

Brussels, Belgium, 2012-10-12

In 2011, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between CENELEC and AFSEC, the AFRICAN ELECTROTECHNICAL STANDARDIZATION COMMISSION to enhance cooperation between the European and African electrotechnical standardization communities.


On 3 October 2012, CENELEC and AFSEC met for a bilateral meeting in parallel to the IEC General Meeting in Oslo.


The CENELEC delegation was led by Mr David Dossett (President) and the AFSEC delegation composed of Mr. Claude Koutoua (President) and Mr. Johnson (Executive Secretary). The meeting focused on the elaboration of a roadmap to implement the 2011 Memorandum of Understanding through concrete cooperation activities. Mr. Koutoua enjoyed the opportunity to deliver a speech reminding the importance of the cooperation between the two entities and announcing the participation of AFSEC in the 2013 General Assembly of CENELEC, with the objective to raise awareness about the role and specificities of AFSEC.


> Read the full speech of AFSEC President (in French language, PDF format)


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