International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies
Members and Experts


Expert - Delegate


Experts are individuals having specialised knowledge in a technical field. They work in industry and take part in the drafting of CENELEC publications. They are appointed by a Technical Committee or Subcommittee or by CENELEC national members (National Committees). They serve in a personal capacity and not as delegates of a NC. However, experts should be aware of national positions on the subject in order to minimize the risk of rejection of the draft standard at a later stage.



Delegates are experts appointed by CENELEC national members (National Committees) and acting as representatives of their National Committee. They take part in the drafting of CENELEC publications not in a personal but in a national capacity defending a national position. They represent their NC at a Technical Committee, Subcommittee or BT Task Force meeting.