International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies


Environment (Disbanded)




To deal with environmental aspects for electrical and electronic products and systems.

To deal with the environmental items coming up in time in the European arena and respond to the environmental needs expressed by its stakeholders.

To promote activities in CENELEC relevant to minimising any detrimental impact of electrotechnical activities/products/systems.

To communicate with and to give advice to CENELEC BT and technical committees on questions related to work on environmental issues. EMS and EMF aspects are excluded, but relevant developments will be noted.

To enhance CENELEC's environmental links with the European legal framework.

To prepare the necessary standards framework and co-ordinate the development, in co-operation with other CENELEC Technical Bodies, or, when necessary, produce the needed standard documents (guides, basic and horizontal standards, including technical reports).

To assist product committees, which remain autonomous in dealing with the environmental aspects relevant to their products, in the elaboration of environmental requirements of product standards in order to avoid that different technical approaches and solutions are taken for the same problem and thus assure consistency in CENELEC standards.

To liaise with CEN and ETSI Technical Bodies for all matters dealing with generic aspects.

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