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Capacitors and EMI suppression components


CLC/TC 40XA Scope


To prepare European standards, which are required to facilitate the trading activities of European component users and manufacturers, in the following areas:

a) capacitors, fixed and variable, for use in electronic equipment;

b) capacitors, resistors and inductors, and combinations of these, used for electro-magnetic interference suppression, and complete electro-magnetic interference suppression filter units;

c) networks and passive integrated circuits containing capacitors, or combinations of resistors, capacitors and inductors.

Close liaison is maintained with IEC TC 40 which includes parallel voting enabling IEC documents to be adopted in Europe.

Liaison is also maintained with relevant IEC Technical Committees, such as 47, 91, 104, and, in the area of safety, 61, 62 and 108, where such liaison will promote the convergence of the two systems.

Note : This committee does not deal with

- lighting capacitors, which are the responsibility of CLC/TC 34Z;

- power capacitors and power filters, which are covered by TC 33 in IEC, and ratified under the parallel vote procedure in Europe.

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