International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

CLC/TC 214

Electrotechnical equipment for surface transport systems (Disbanded)


CLC/TC 214 Scope

CLC/TC 214

To produce European standards mainly on electrotechnical aspects in the field of surface transport information, management and control systems equipment.

The work intends to address present and future European systems and related equipment in due regard of international standardization work and results (particularly those of CEN/TC 278 and CEN/TC 226).

The work will consider systems equipment as modular components of an integrated surface transport environment with due consideration to equipment interfacing, safety and compatibility aspects. None of this work will duplicate the work on standards in CEN and also on those standards implementing the relevant ISO work results. All road transport domains are relevant to the work (urban, interurban, rural and regional).

The work will not address directly railway systems and co-ordination systems for the navigation of ships.

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