International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies


Audio, video and multimedia systems and equipment and related sub-systems


CLC/TC 100X Scope


To monitor the adoption in CENELEC of the technical work from IEC/TC 100 standards in the field of audio, video and multimedia systems and equipment.

These standards include specification of the performance, methods of measurement for consumer and professional equipment and their system application as well as interoperability with other systems and equipment.

To ensure that any deviation from the IEC standards, such as common modifications, special national conditions and A-deviations, is only in response to a clear and justifiable European need, such as European and national legislative requirements.

To strive towards keeping international and European requirements aligned as far as possible (applying the different mechanisms of the Dresden Agreement).

To coordinate the work with other standardisation organisations on European level, taking responsibility for applicable mandates from the European Commission and developing its own standards only when necessary.

Standards and other deliverables prepared by Technical Area 5 (TA5) of IEC/TC 100 do not fall under the scope of CLC/TC 100X but are covered on European level by CLC/TC 209

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