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Environmental standardization (Disbanded)


CLC/BTWG 85-3 Scope


To promote activities in CENELEC relevant to minimising any detrimental impact of Electrotechnical activities on the natural environment. To communicate with and give advice to CENELEC BT and Technical Committees on questions relating to work on environmental issues with the aim of ensuring consistency in CENELEC standards, and to develop and promote guidance where relevant. BTWG 85-3 shall consider all aspects of the protection of the natural environment against detrimental impact from a product, a group of products, or a system, using electrical technology including electronics and communications. EMC and EMF aspects are excluded, but relevant developments will be noted. BTWG 85-3 shall work with IEC, CEN and the CENELEC co-operating partners and other organizations as appropiate for example, by encouraging the use of IEC Guide 109, 1995.

Natural environment: attributes which affect the quality of life, such as water, air and soil quality, conservation of energy, and materials and avoidance of waste (as given in IEC Guide 109, 1995).

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