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Overhead electrical conductors (Disbanded)


CLC/TC 7 Scope


To prepare European standards for:

- the electrical and mechanical properties of the following materials for use as overhead conductors:

- aluminium - aluminium alloys - steel - coated steel - copper - copper alloys

- overhead electrical conductors using wire manufactured from the above materials, excluding grooved contact wires

- covered overhead conductors, in collaboration with CENELEC TC 20

- overhead electrical conductors containing fibre optic cables, in collaboration with CENELEC TC 86A

- overhead electrical conductors containing metallic telecommunication cables, in collaboration with CENELEC TC 46X

- greases used for the protection of overhead electrical conductors

- to liaise with the following related technical committees: CENELEC TC 9X, TC 11, TC 20, TC 46X, TC 86A and TC 99X; CEN TC 132

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