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CLC/TC 208

PROVISIONAL TITLE: Electrotechnical aspects of telecommunication equipment (Disbanded)


CLC/TC 208 Scope

CLC/TC 208

PROVISIONAL SCOPE: To coordinate standardization in the field of electrotechnical aspects of Telecommunication Equipment. - To prepare harmonized standards (EN and/or ENV) for communication cabling management (e.g. transmision and installation aspects for ISDN, LAN) within all types of premises as well as for specific installation rules for telecommunication equipment (The existing WG CPC will continue its work ensuring the continuity of standardization). - To serve as a mediator in those cases where ETSI indicates to CENELEC the need of standardization activities of electrotechnical aspects related to its work. Identification of the appropriate TC within CENELEC, thereby providing proper assignment of the technical work to the responsible group of experts. Alternatively to decide on establishing a working group within TC 108 to resolve a specific task. Standardization items for this kind of management include - electrical safety characteristics and related tests - specialized requirements on EMC - specialized power supplies - specialized mechanical structures for installation and mounting - free commercialized terminal equipment - specialized commercial apparates or black boxes (e.g. unscrambling equipment, surveillance equipment, etc.) - To review international standardization results of ISO/IEC JTC 1 as far as telecommunication equipment resp. CPC is concerned. This includes coordination of harmonization and assignment to the responsible organisation in close cooperation with CEN bearing in mind JTC 1 being a joint ISO/IEC-Committee.

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