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Guidance on SME needs


CEN/CLC/BTWG 208 Scope


This Guide provides guidance to writers of European standards on the abilities and needs of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

This Guide is relevant to all involved in standardisation i.e. standard writers in Working Groups or Technical Committees as well as members of national mirror committees. Not all principles presented in this guide do necessarily have to apply to all standards. Therefore, TCs and WGs are the best place to evaluate if and how to address specific needs of SMEs in their standards.

The aim of this Guide is to avoid provisions in standards that may lead to exclusions of SMEs from the market or distortion of fair competition.

This Guide contains:

a) considerations for the development of standards that are properly balanced between product / service function and SME needs

b) techniques for identifying and assessing provisions in standards that may have special impacts on SMEs

c) ways to reduce negative impacts on SMEs resulting from some provisions in standards

d) writing guidelines

e) checklists

f) information on how to make a micro company impact assessment.

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