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CLC/BTWG 143-2

ENTSO-E standardization activities


CLC/BTWG 143-2 Scope

CLC/BTWG 143-2

- Continuously analysing European Network Codes and ENTSO-E work programme for their relevance for standardization, gaps, overlapping and contradicting issues in cooperation with relevant Technical Bodies of CENELEC and cooperation partners, - Defining a process to identify and involve the relevant Technical Bodies and committees in ENTSO-E and CENELEC concerning these issues. - Informing CENELEC Technical Bodies about network codes, and inform CEN, if and when relevant, of any network code which might be of interest. - Facilitating and initiating necessary work programmes together with responsible Technical Bodies inside CENELEC and with ENTSO-E committees for Network Codes in order to initiate new standards or modification of standards based on the requirements of the network codes (examples: testing procedures for compliance to network code requirements, terminology, etc.) - Based on the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) - developing a strategy to combine the ENTSO-E Network Codes and CENELEC standards with each other and at the same time considering the duties of both parties - being the operational body for the MoU and the contact to ENTSO-E in this respect.

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