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CLC/TC 111X Scope


To deal with environmental aspects for electrical and electronic products and systems.

To promote activities in CENELEC relevant to reducing detrimental impacts of electrotechnical activities/products/systems on the natural environment (In this context "reducing" means a process of continual environment improvement aimed towards an optimum balance with social, economic, safety and performance requirements).

To enhance CENELEC's environmental links with the European legal framework, particularly in the context of standardization aspects of EU environmental regulations and directives.

To improve energy and resource efficiency of electrotechnical products and systems as important aspects in order to reduce impacts on the environment (for example climate changes and resource depletion)

To prepare the necessary standards framework and in co-operation with other CENELEC Technical Bodies co-ordinate the development of, or when necessary produce, the needed standardization deliverables. Product TCs remain autonomous in dealing with environmental aspects relevant to the products included in their scope.

To assist product committees in the elaboration of environmental requirements of product standards in order to foster common technical approaches and solutions for similar problems and thus promote consistency in CENELEC standards.

To cooperate with recognized standardization bodies and other relevant organizations for matters of common environmental interest.

To communicate with and to give advice to CENELEC BT and Technical Committees on questions related to work on environmental issues. EMC and EMF aspects are excluded, but relevant developments will be noted.

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