International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies


Safety of audio, video and similar electronic equipment (Disbanded)


CLC/TC 92 Scope


1. To deal with the adaptation in CENELEC of technical work of IEC/TC 92 and to coordinate the work with other technical Bodies at European level.

Note: The field of application of IEC/TC 92 is as follows: Safety of electronic equipment used for generation, transmission, reception, processing, recording and reproduction of audio, video, associated and control signals and for equipment employing similar techniques (e.g.: electronic photo-flash apparatus and equipment used in alarm systems).

2. To ensure that any deviation from the IEC standards, such as common modifications, is only in response to a clear and justifiable European need, such as European and national legislative needs.

3. To resolve application questions e.g. raised by CCA Operational Staff Meetings relative to EN 60065 and any other standard within the responsibility of CLC/TC 92.

4. To keep IEC/TC 92 informed of European requirements so that they may be considered for inclusion in IEC 60065 or in any other standards within the responsibility of IEC/TC 92.

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