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CLC/TC 217

Electronic Design Automation (EDA) (Disbanded)


CLC/TC 217 Scope

CLC/TC 217

To deal with the standardization in the area of Electronic Design Automation with emphasis on:

- electronic system specification languages including hardware description languages

- interchange formats

- EDA frameworks

- common design interface between semiconductor technology suppliers and system houses.

To ensure liaisons with other bodies active in Electronic Design Automation. Available documents of IEEE/DASS (concerning VHDL), ISO, IEC, ISO 184 SC 4 (concerning STEP), ANSI/EIA 548 (concerning EDIF), CFI (concerning CAD frameworks), and other relevant documents shall be taken into account.

To contribute to other EDA standard activities.

To advise the BT on harmonization in all matters concerning EDA and in particular results of IEC TC 93 (Design Automation).

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