International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies


Safety of electronic equipment within the fields of Audio/Video, Information Technology and Communication Technology


CLC/TC 108X Scope


• To deal with the adoption in CENELEC of technical work of IEC/TC 108 and to coordinate the work with other technical bodies at European level e.g. ETSI.

To make own standards where a particular need arises.

NOTE The field of application of IEC/TC 108 is as follows: Standardization in the field of safety for audio/video and similar technology, information technology and communication technology equipment.

• To ensure that any deviation from the IEC standards, such as common modifications, special national conditions and A-deviations, is only in response to a clear and justifiable European need, such as European and national legislative needs.

• To resolve application questions e.g. raised by CCA Operational Staff Meetings relative to standards within the responsibility of CLC/TC 108X.

• To keep IEC/TC 108 informed of European requirements so that they may be considered for inclusion in IEC standards within the responsibility of IEC/TC 108.

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