CENELEC - Standards Development - List of Technical Bodies

CENELEC List of Technical Bodies


NOTE: A Reporting Secretariat (SR) provides information to the CENELEC Technical Board on any work of IEC Technical Committees or Subcommittees which could be of interest for CENELEC. Although most of the European standardisation work is undertaken within CENELEC Technical Committees or Subcommittees, certain work items may be allocated to Reporting Secretariats. Hence for Reporting Secretariats only those work items are indicated that are not taken up by any CENELEC TC or SC.

Technical Committees
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List of Disbanded Technical Bodies

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CEN/CLC/WS 014 Workshop on manual for determination of combined heat and power (CHP) Disbanded  
CEN/CLC/WS 016 Workshop on Guidelines to standardisers of collective transport systems - Needs of older people and persons with disabilities Disbanded  
CLC/WS SmartHouse Workshop SmartHouse Disbanded  
CLC/WS 02 Railway applications - Mounted parts of the traction transformer and cooling system Disbanded  
CLC/WS 03 Railway applications - Generic system architecture for onboard electric supply systems Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 49-1 Heat pumps Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 49-1 Heat pumps Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 52-1 Neon transformers Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 52-2 Filtering capacitors Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 52-4 IEC 728-1 cabled distribution systems Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 54-1 EMC Electromagnetic compatibility Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 55-1 IEC 884-1 (Plugs and socket-outlets) Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 55-2 National standards as basis of CLC standardization Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 56-1 Public procurement Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 56-2 Low voltage fuses Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 56-3 IEC 185 (current transformers) and IEC 186 (voltage transformers) Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 56-4 Outlet temperature of storage room heaters Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 57-1 Work on IEC 105(C.O.)241 insulating oils Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 57-2 IEC 900 Hand tools Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 57-2 IEC 900 (Hand tools) Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 59-1 IEC 239 (Graphite electrodes for arc furnaces) Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 59-2 IEC 571-2 Electronic equipment for rail vehicles Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 59-3 Exploratory working group on deviations Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 59-4 Possible CLC work programme on advanced ceramics Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 59-5 Clarification of Vilamoura decisions Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 60-1 Assembly of electronic equipment Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 60-2 Electrical discharge lamp installations Disbanded D124/135: Disbanded and confirmed by D125/097 (work referred to TC 34Z)
CLC/BTTF 60-3 Electrical equipment of non electrical cooking/heating appliances Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 60-4 Uninterruptible power supply systems Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 61-1 IEC 617 series on graphical symbols for diagrams Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 61-2 prENVs 41004 - 41005 - 41006 Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 61-3 Guided earthing rods and short-circuiting devices Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 61-4 Electric blankets and heating pads Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 61-5 Light effect equipment and electric music instruments Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 61-6 Electric room heating appliances Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 61-7 Cables for data transmission Superseded Replaced by SC 46XA
CLC/BTWG 61-8 Electronic components and related products relevant to the requirements for military, aircraft and space authorities Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 62-1 Lead-acid starter batteries Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 62-2 Lightning protection components Superseded  
CLC/BTTF 62-4 Live-line washing systems for power installations with rated voltages above 1kV Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 62-5 Telecom local network cables with polyolefin insulation and sheath products specification Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 62-6 Fieldbus Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 62-7 Fuses Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 62-8 Emergency lighting systems Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 63-1 IEC 65 (Safety requirements for mains operated electronic and related apparatus for household and similar general use) Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 63-2 Advanced Technical Ceramics Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 63-3 Surge arrester disconnector switches Disbanded D91/164
CLC/BTTF 63-4 Electronic taximeters and parking meters Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 63-5 Static measuring relays Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 64-1 Isolating and safety isolating transformers Superseded D102/120: BTTF 64-1 converted into CLC/TC 96
CLC/BTTF 64-2 Supply of electrical and electronic equipment Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 64-3 Vilamoura notification procedure Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 64-4 Mineral insulating oils for transformers and switchgear Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 64-5 Flexible heating films Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 64-6 Electronic devices of automatic load limitation Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 64-7 Quality assessment of electronic components Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 64-8 AVC and broadcasting coordination Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 65-1 Parallel voting Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 65-2 Power Track Systems Disbanded D109/108
CLC/BTWG 66-1 Bushings Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 66-2 Endorsement of the IEC 156 series Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 66-3 NF C 93-435 and NF C 93-436 Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 66-4 Harmonization of IEC 446 Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 67-1 Overlap of scopes of TC 79 and TC 105 Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 67-2 Sound signalling devices Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 67-3 AP and AL alloy stranded conductors Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 67-4 Overhead high-voltage lines Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 68-1 Electric storage boilers Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 68-2 Tubes for thermocouples Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 68-3 IK Code Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 68-4 Metallic poles for distribution networks Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 68-5 PE insulated cables Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 68-6 Physical characteristics of electrical energy (DISNORM 12) Disbanded D113/117: Disbanded * Has become TC8X WG 1
CLC/BTTF 68-7 0,6/1kV power and signal cables Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 69-1 CAD Electronics Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 69-2 Compensated connectors for thermoelectric sensors Disbanded D91/164
CLC/BTTF 69-4 Protection against lightning of telecommunication lines Superseded  
CLC/BTWG 70-1 Charging controls for storage heating appliances Disbanded D122/143: Disbanded
CLC/BTTF 70-2 Personal electronic monitors Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 70-3 Control and monitoring instruments for use in the water industry Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 70-4 Halogen-free, mud resistant cables Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 71-1 Chargers and connections for electric road vehicles Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 71-2 Protection against corrosion due to stray currents from d.c. installations Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 71-3 Infrared free air applications Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 71-3 Infrared open-air communications (status changed to BTTF 71-3) Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 72-1 Power electronic capacitors and capacitors for other impact loads Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 72-2 Metallic pipe and cable locators Disbanded D118/112: CLC/BTWG disbanded
CLC/BTTF 72-3 Electrical installations for lighting and beaconing of aerodromes Superseded  
CLC/BTWG 72-3 Electrical installations for lighting and beaconing of aerodromes Superseded  
CLC/BTWG 73-1 Watt-hour meters Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 74-1 Photoelectronic controls for road lighting Disbanded D121/015: disbanded
CLC/BTWG 74-2 Technical policy matters Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 74-3 Relation between LVD, MSD and CPD Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 75-1 Determination of breath alcohol concentration - Specification of evidential breath testing instruments (BT(DE/NOT)175 Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 75-2 Mechanical connections to metallic sheaths of electric cables BT(GB/NOT)86 Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 76-1 Lead-acid batteries Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 76-2 Explanotory Working Group Pre-qualification of Suppliers Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 76-3 Test schedules related to CENELEC Guide 17 Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 77-1 Repair, modification and testing of electrical appliances Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 78-1 Plugs, socket-outlets and couplers for industrial purposes Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 78-2 IEC 61098 Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 78-3 Erection of power installations with nominal voltages up to 1000V - Floor and ceiling heating systems Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 78-4 Relays with forcibly actuated contacts Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 78-5 Circuit breakers Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 79-1 Conversion adaptors for industrial use Disbanded D115/163: Disbanded
CLC/BTWG 79-2 Selection and erection of plug and socket devices, switches and installations accessories Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 79-3 Qualification of electrical installation contractors Superseded  
CLC/BTTF 79-4 Hearing aids and audiometers Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 79-4 Hearing aids and audiometers Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 80-1 Ripple control receivers Disbanded BT decision D88/121
CLC/BTWG 80-2 Watthour meters in moulded case without instrument transformers, up to 60A rated maximum current - Principal dimensions for terminalcover for supplementary devices Disbanded BT decision D88/121
CLC/BTWG 80-3 Database and electronic communications Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 81-1 Temperature recorders Disbanded BT decision D88/125
CLC/BTWG 83-1 On-line monitoring of metallic contamination in silicon wafers Disbanded D116/200: Disbanded
CLC/BTTF 83-2 Wind turbine systems Superseded  
CLC/BTTF 84-1 European plug and socket-outlet system Disbanded D91/164
CLC/BTTF 84-2 Connection of luminaires Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 85-1 Erection and operation of electrical test equipment Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 85-2 Energy efficiency of household lighting sources Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 85-3 Environmental standardization Superseded D121/066: Superseded by TC ENV
CLC/BTWG 86-1 Switchgear and controlgear - Main line branch terminals Disbanded DISBANDED D90/098
CLC/BTTF 86-2 Solar photovoltaic energy systems Superseded  
CLC/BTTF 88-1 Automatic operating analytical appliances including In-Vitro-Diagnostic Medical Devices Disbanded D124/135: Disbanded (work referred to SR 66)
CLC/BTWG 91-1 Provisional title: Lead acid batteries Disbanded DISBANDED D93/061
CLC/BTWG 91-2 Provisional title: Coupling unit for gas-connections of high voltage equipment Disbanded D100/146: Disbanded
CLC/BTTF 91-3 Provisional title: Space equipment standardization Disbanded D115/138: Disbanded and replaced by TC 107X (DE)
CLC/BTWG 92-1 Enclosures for accessories and switchboard for household and similar electrical installations Disbanded BT decision D94/041
CLC/BTWG 93-1 Conductor cars Disbanded D122/143: Disbanded
CLC/BTTF 95-1 Inspection of electrical installations in domestic accommodations Disbanded D118/112: BTTF disbanded
CLC/BTWG 95-2 Audit of CENELEC Technical Bodies Disbanded D128/036: BTWG 95-2 and CLC/BTWG 108-1 merged to form CLC/BTWG 128-3
CLC/BTTF 97-1 Known Good Die Disbanded D129/C113: disbanded (remaining work on the EN 62258 series falls within the responsibility of CLC/SR 47)
CLC/BTTF 97-2 Thermal specification of electronic components Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 99-1 Insulating oil Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 99-2 Functional safety Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 100-1 Cab heaters for vehicles Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 101-1 Operation of Dresden Agreement Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 101-2 Cable laying underground Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 101-3 Avionic equipment, systems and associated components Disbanded D113/091: Disbanded and replaced by TC 107X (DE)
CLC/BTWG 101-4 M/117 - Resistance to fire Disbanded D113/106: disbanded
CLC/BTWG 104-1 Railway rolling stock and material in general Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 104-2 Firemans circuit breakers Superseded D110/106: former BTWG * D120/157: Converted into a TC23B WG
CLC/BTWG 104-2 Firemans circuit breakers Superseded D110/106: Converted into BTTF
CLC/BTWG 105-1 RCCBs with short time-delay - type G Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 105-2 To be revised: Equipment for measuring electrical energy - Composition and accuracy Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 108-1 BT management and procedures Disbanded D128/036: CLC/BTWG 95-2 and CLC/BTWG 108-1 merged to form CLC/BTWG 128-3
CLC/BTWG 108-2 Designation of measuring instruments Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 109-1 Electrocosmetic devices for professional use Disbanded D125/099: Disbanded and replaced by CLC/TC 61 WG
CLC/BTWG 109-2 Straight thermocouple thermometers Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 109-3 Fuel cell gas appliances Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 110-1 New generation technologies, connection to the networks, and the liberalization of energy markets Disbanded D113/116: Disbanded
CLC/BTWG 111-1 Communication means between safety equipment and man-machine interfaces (railways) Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 111-2 Cover plates for signalling and protection of underground cables and conduits Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 111-3 Nuclear instrumentation and radiation protection instrumentation Disbanded D130/071: BTTF disbanded and converted into CLC/TC 45B
CLC/BTWG 112-2 Domestic cogeneration Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 114-1 Protection against corrosion by stray current from DC systems Disbanded D124/135: Disbanded (work referred to TC 9X)
CLC/BTWG 114-2 Non-traditional electrical supply and current collection systems for atypical road vehicles for mass transit Disbanded D124/135: Disbanded
CLC/BTTF 116-1 Fluids for electrotechnical applications Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 116-3 Waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 117-1 Revision of EN 175301-801:1999 and EN 175301-803:1999 Disbanded  
CLC/BTWG 118-1 Services Disbanded D126/070: Disbanded
CLC/BTWG 118-2 Cross referencing EN clauses / ERs of directives Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 119-1 Revision of EN 60849 Disbanded D126/065: Disbanded
CLC/BTTF 120-1 Surface temperatures Disbanded D130/117: Disbanded
CLC/BTWG 121-1 Traction batteries Disbanded D123/100 disbanded
CLC/BTTF 124-1 Automatic weighing instruments Disbanded D130/C054: Disbanded
CLC/BTTF 126-1 Electronic taximeters Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 127-1 IEC/SC 45A standards implementation Disbanded D127/056 * D130/080: BTTF disbanded and converted into CLC/TC 45A
CLC/BTTF 128-1 Power frequency overvoltage protective device for household and similar applications Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 129-2 Cords sets and interconnection cord sets - Part 2: Multiple distribution sets with appliance couplers (MDACs) Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 131-1 Risk of suffocation from plastic bags Disbanded NCs invited to volunteer for the convenorship * D132/C085: Disbanded - work undertaken by CEN/TC 261 "Packaging".
CLC/BTWG 132-3 Green data centers Disbanded  
CLC/BTTF 135-1 Common charging capability of mobile telephones Disbanded  
CLC/TC 1 Criteria for conformity assessment bodies Disbanded  
CLC/SR 2 Rotating machinery Disbanded  
CLC/SR 2G Reporting Secretariat SR 2G Disbanded  
CLC/SR 3A Reporting Secretariat SR 3A Disbanded  
CLC/SR 3B Documentation Disbanded  
CLC/TC 7 Overhead electrical conductors Disbanded D113/067: Disbanded
CLC/SR 7 Overhead electrical conductors Disbanded  
CLC/SR 8 Systems aspects for electrical energy supply Disbanded  
CLC/TC 9 Electrical and electronic applications for railway field Disbanded  
CLC/SR 9 Electrical equipment and systems for railways Disbanded  
CLC/SR 10 Fluids for electrotechnical applications Disbanded  
CLC/SR 11 Overhead lines Disbanded  
CLC/SR 12 Radiocommunications Disbanded IEC TC disbanded
CLC/SR 12A Reporting Secretariat SR 12A Superseded IEC SC replaced by SC 10OA
CLC/SR 12C Reporting Secretariat SR 12C Superseded IEC SC replaced by TC 103
CLC/SR 12E Reporting Secretariat SR 12E Superseded IEC SC replaced by TC 102
CLC/SR 12F Reporting Secretariat SR 12F Superseded IEC SC replaced by TC 102
CLC/SR 12G Reporting Secretariat SR 12G Superseded IEC SC replaced by SC 100D
CLC/SR 13 Electrical energy measurement, tariff- and load control Disbanded  
CLC/TC 13X Measuring instruments including electronic devices Disbanded  
CLC/SR 14 Power transformers Disbanded Responsibility transferred from IT to GB during 131 BT
CLC/SR 14B Reporting Secretariat SR 14B Disbanded  
CLC/SR 14C Reporting Secretariat SR 14C Disbanded  
CLC/SR 14D Reporting Secretariat SR 14D Disbanded  
CLC/SR 15A Reporting Secretariat SR 15A Disbanded  
CLC/SR 15B Reporting Secretariat SR 15B Disbanded  
CLC/SR 15C Specifications Disbanded IEC TC 15C transformed into TC 15
CLC/SR 15D Reporting Secretariat SR 15D Superseded IEC SC transformed into TC 101
CLC/SR 15E provisional Disbanded IEC/TC 15E replaced by IEC/TC 112
CLC/TC 17A High-voltage switchgear and controlgear Superseded  
CLC/SR 17A High-voltage switchgear and controlgear Disbanded  
CLC/TC 17B/X1 Inductive proximity switches Disbanded  
CLC/TC 17C High-voltage enclosed switchgear and controlgear Superseded  
CLC/SR 17C High-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies Disbanded  
CLC/SR 18 Electrical installations of ships and of mobile and fixed offshore units Disbanded  
CLC/SR 20 Electric cables Disbanded  
CLC/SR 21 Secondary cells and batteries Disbanded  
CLC/SR 21A Secondary cells and batteries containing alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes Disbanded  
CLC/SR 22 Power electronic systems and equipment Disbanded  
CLC/SR 22B Reporting Secretariat SR 22B Disbanded  
CLC/SR 22D Reporting Secretariat SR 22D Disbanded  
CLC/SR 22E Stabilized power supplies Disbanded  
CLC/SR 22F Power electronics for electrical transmission and distribution systems Disbanded  
CLC/SR 22G Adjustable speed electric drive systems incorporating semiconductor power converters Disbanded  
CLC/SR 22H Uninterruptible power systems (UPS) Disbanded  
CLC/SR 23A Cable management systems Disbanded  
CLC/SR 23C World-wide plug and socket-outlet systems Disbanded  
CLC/SR 23E Circuit-breakers and similar equipment for household use Disbanded  
CLC/SR 23F Connecting devices Disbanded  
CLC/TC 23X Europlug and socket outlets Disbanded  
CLC/SR 26 Electric welding Disbanded  
CLC/TC 28A Insulation coordination for low-voltage equipment Disbanded D107/145
CLC/SR 28A Reporting Secretariat SR 28A Superseded  
CLC/SR 31 Equipment for explosive atmospheres Disbanded  
CLC/SR 31A Flameproof enclosures Disbanded IEC SC 31A disbanded
CLC/SC 31-6 Encapsulation "m" Disbanded D103/092: Disbanded - Work to be undertaken by TC31 WG 18
CLC/SR 31H Apparatus for use in the presence of combustible dust Disbanded  
CLC/SR 31J Classification of hazardous areas and installation requirements Disbanded  
CLC/SR 31L Electrical apparatus for the detection of flammable gases Disbanded  
CLC/SR 31M Non-electrical equipment and protective systems for explosive atmospheres Disbanded  
CLC/TC 32A High-voltage fuses Disbanded  
CLC/SR 34 Lamps and related equipment Disbanded  
CLC/SR 34A Lamps Disbanded  
CLC/SR 34D Luminaires Disbanded  
CLC/SR 36A Insulated bushings Disbanded  
CLC/TC 36B Insulators for overhead lines Disbanded D91/164
CLC/SR 37A Low-voltage surge protective devices Disbanded  
CLC/SR 38 Instrument transformers Disbanded  
CLC/SR 39 Electronic tubes Disbanded  
CLC/SR 41A Reporting Secretariat SR 41A Superseded  
CLC/SR 41B Reporting Secretariat SR 41B Superseded Replaced by CLC/SR 95
CLC/SR 44 Safety of machinery - Electrotechnical aspects Disbanded  
CLC/SR 45A Instrumentation and control of nuclear facilities Disbanded  
CLC/SR 45B Radiation protection instrumentation Disbanded  
CLC/SR 46 Cables, wires, waveguides, R.F. connectors, R.F. and microwave passive components and accessories Disbanded  
CLC/SR 46A Coaxial cables Disbanded  
CLC/SR 46B Waveguides and their accessories Disbanded  
CLC/SR 46C Wires and symmetric cables Disbanded  
CLC/TC 46D RF Connectors Disbanded D105/125: Disbanded
CLC/SR 46D Reporting Secretariat SR 46D Disbanded  
CLC/SR 47C Reporting Secretariat SR 47C Superseded  
CLC/TC 48B LF Connectors Disbanded D96/131: supersedes CECC/SC 48B * D114/118: disbanded
CLC/SR 48C Reporting Secretariat SR 48C Disbanded  
CLC/TC 49 Piezoelectric devices for frequency control and selection Disbanded D96/131: supersedes CECC/SC 49 * D114/118: disbanded
CLC/SR 50 Reporting Secretariat SR 50 Disbanded  
CLC/SR 50A Reporting Secretariat SR 50A Disbanded  
CLC/SR 50B Reporting Secretariat SR 50B Disbanded  
CLC/SR 52 Printed circuits Disbanded  
CLC/SR 55 Winding wires Disbanded  
CLC/SR 57 Power systems management and associated information exchange Disbanded  
CLC/SR 59 Performance of household and similar electrical appliances Disbanded  
CLC/SR 59A Electric dishwashers Disbanded  
CLC/SR 59B Reporting Secretariat SR 59B Disbanded  
CLC/SR 59C Heating appliances Disbanded  
CLC/SR 59D Home laundry appliances Disbanded  
CLC/SR 59E Reporting Secretariat SR 59E Disbanded IEC/SC 59E merged with IEC/SC 59G in IEC/SC 59L
CLC/SR 59F Floor treatment appliances Disbanded  
CLC/SR 59G Reporting Secretariat SR 59G Disbanded IEC/SC 59G merged with IEC/SC 59E in IEC/SC 59L
CLC/SR 59H Reporting Secretariat SR 59H Disbanded  
CLC/SR 59J Reporting Secretariat SR 59J Disbanded  
CLC/SR 59K Ovens and microwave ovens, cooking ranges and similar appliances Disbanded  
CLC/SR 59L Small household appliances Disbanded  
CLC/SR 60 Reporting Secretariat SR 60 Disbanded  
CLC/SR 60A Reporting Secretariat SR 60A Disbanded  
CLC/SR 60B Reporting Secretariat SR 60B Disbanded  
CLC/SR 61 Safety of household and similar electrical appliances Disbanded  
CLC/SR 61B Safety of household microwave ovens Disbanded  
CLC/SR 61C Household appliances for refrigeration Disbanded  
CLC/SR 61D Appliances for air-conditioning for household and similar purposes Disbanded  
CLC/SR 61E Safety of electrical commercial catering equipment Disbanded  
CLC/TC 61F Safety of hand-held and transportable motor-operated electric tools Superseded Renumbered CLC/TC 116
CLC/SR 61F Safety of hand-held motor-operated electric tools Superseded  
CLC/SR 61H Safety of electrically-operated farm appliances Disbanded  
CLC/SR 61J Electrical motor-operated cleaning appliances for industrial use Disbanded  
CLC/SR 62 Electrical equipment in medical practice Disbanded  
CLC/SR 62A Common aspects of electrical equipment used in medical practice Disbanded  
CLC/SR 62B Diagnostic imaging equipment Disbanded  
CLC/SR 62C Equipment for radiotherapy, nuclear medicine and radiation dosimetry Disbanded  
CLC/SR 62D Electromedical equipment Disbanded  
CLC/SR 64 Electrical installations and protection against electric shock Disbanded  
CLC/SC 64B Electrical installations and protection against electric shock - Protection against thermal effects Disbanded Incorporated into TC 64
CLC/SC 64A Electrical installations and protection against electric shock - Protection against electric shock Disbanded Incorporated into TC 64
CLC/SR 65 Industrial-process measurement, control and automation Disbanded  
CLC/SR 65C Industrial networks Disbanded  
CLC/SR 65D Analyzing equipment Disbanded  
CLC/SR 65E Devices and integration in enterprise systems Disbanded  
CLC/SR 66D Reporting Secretariat SR 66D Superseded Replaced by CLC/SR 65D
CLC/TC 66X Electrical and electronic test and measuring instruments, systems and accessories Disbanded D91/164
CLC/SR 69 Electric road vehicles and electric industrial trucks Disbanded  
CLC/SR 71 Reporting Secretariat SR 71 Disbanded  
CLC/SR 72 Automatic controls for household use Disbanded  
CLC/TC 74 Safety and energy efficiency of information technology equipment Disbanded D112/112: Merged with TC 92 to form TC 108X
CLC/SR 74 Reporting Secretariat SR 74 Disbanded  
CLC/TC 74X Safety of telecommunications equipment Disbanded  
CLC/SR 75 Reporting Secretariat SR 75 Disbanded  
CLC/SR 76 Optical radiation safety and laser equipment Disbanded  
CLC/SR 77 Electromagnetic compatibility Disbanded  
CLC/SR 77A Low frequency phenomena Disbanded  
CLC/SR 77B High frequency phenomena Disbanded  
CLC/SR 77C High power transient phenomena Disbanded  
CLC/SR 78 Live working Disbanded  
CLC/SR 79 Alarm systems Disbanded  
CLC/SR 81 Lightning protection Disbanded  
CLC/SR 82 Solar photovoltaic energy systems Disbanded  
CLC/SR 84 Reporting Secretariat SR 84 Disbanded  
CLC/SR 86A Fibres and cables Disbanded  
CLC/TC 86D Semiconductor optoelectronic devices Disbanded D105/049: Disbanded
CLC/SR 88 Wind turbines Disbanded  
CLC/TC 92 Safety of audio, video and similar electronic equipment Disbanded D112/112: Merged with TC 74 to form TC 108
CLC/SR 92 Reporting Secretariat SR 92 Disbanded  
CLC/SR 93 Design automation Disbanded  
CLC/SR 95 Measuring relays and protection equipment Disbanded  
CLC/TC 96 Small power transformers, reactors and power supply units: Safety requirements Disbanded D102/120: conversion of BTTF 64-1 * D114/118: disbanded
CLC/TC 97X Electrical installations for lighting and beaconing of aerodromes Superseded  
CLC/SR 98 Reporting Secretariat SR 98 Disbanded IEC/TC 98 replaced by IEC/TC 112
CLC/SR 99 System engineering and erection of electrical power installations in systmes with nominal voltages above 1 kV a.c. and 1.5 kV d.c., particularly concerning safety aspects Disbanded  
CLC/SR 100A Reporting Secretariat SR 100A Disbanded  
CLC/SR 100B Reporting Secretariat SR 100B Disbanded  
CLC/SR 100C Reporting Secretariat SR 100C Disbanded  
CLC/SR 100D Reporting Secretariat SR 100D Disbanded  
CLC/TC 100X(OLD) Audio, video and multimedia systems and equipment Disbanded  
CLC/SR 102 Equipment used in radio communications for mobile services and satellite communication systems Disbanded  
CLC/TC 103 Electronic entertainment and educational systems for household and similar use Superseded  
CLC/TC 104 Safety of electrostatic painting and finishing equipment Superseded  
CLC/TC 105 Home and Building Electronic Systems (HBES) Superseded  
CLC/SC 105A Mains communicating systems Superseded  
CLC/TC 106 Broadcast receiving equipment Superseded  
CLC/SR 106 Methods for the assessment of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields associated with human exposure Disbanded  
CLC/TC 107 Radio data System (RDS) Superseded  
CLC/SR 108 Safety of electronic equipment within the fields of Audio/Video, Information Technology and Communication Technology Disbanded  
CLC/TC 109 Cabled distribution systems for television, sound and interactive multimedia signals Superseded  
CLC/TC 110 Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Superseded  
CLC/SC 110A EMC products Superseded  
CLC/SR 111 Environmental standardization for electrical and electronic products and systems Disbanded  
CLC/TC 111 Electromagnetic fields in the human environment Superseded  
CLC/SC 111A Low frequency EM radiation Superseded  
CLC/SC 111B High frequency EM radiation Superseded  
CLC/TC 112 Power installations exceeding 1 kV AC (1.5 kV DC) Superseded  
CLC/TC 113 Cable management Superseded  
CLC/TC 114 Surface transport electrotechnical systems equipment: Electrotechnical Aspects Superseded  
CLC/TC 115 Electrotechnical aspects of telecommunication equipment Superseded  
CLC/SR 116 Safety of motor-operated electric tools Disbanded  
CLC/TC 117 Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Superseded  
CLC/TC 203 Electronic entertainment and educational systems for household and similar use Disbanded  
CLC/TC 206 Consumer equipment for entertainment and information and related sub-systems Disbanded  
CLC/TC 207 Radio data System (RDS) Disbanded  
CLC/TC 208 PROVISIONAL TITLE: Electrotechnical aspects of telecommunication equipment Disbanded  
CLC/SC 210A EMC products Disbanded  
CLC/TC 211 Electromagnetic fields in the human environment Superseded  
CLC/SC 211A Low frequency EM radiation Disbanded  
CLC/SC 211B High frequency EM radiation Disbanded  
CLC/TC 214 Electrotechnical equipment for surface transport systems Disbanded  
CLC/TC 217 Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Disbanded D116/196: Disbanded
CLC/TC 218 Qualification of electrical installation contractors Disbanded  
CLC/SR CISPR International special committee on radio interference Disbanded  
CLC/SR CISPR/H Limits for the protection of radio services Disbanded  
CLC/SR CISPR/I Electromagnetic compatibility of information technology equipment, multimedia equipment and receivers Disbanded  
CLC/TC ENV Environment Superseded D121/063 * Replaces BTWG 85-3 / D122/116: renamed TC 111X
CLC/TC CECC Standardization of Electronic Components Disbanded BT decision D96/134: CLC/TC CECC disbanded
CLC/TC ELSECOM European Electrotechnical Sectoral Committee for Testing and Certification Disbanded  
CLC/TC ITSTC Information Technology Steering Committee Superseded  
CLC/TC JCG Joint Coordination Group Disbanded D122/143: Disbanded
CLC/TC LC Liaison committee Disbanded  
CLC/TC MC Marks Committee Disbanded  
CLC/TC PCC Procurement Co-ordination Committee (PCC) Disbanded D122/143: Disbanded
CLC/TC PPCC Public Procurement Co-ordination Committee Disbanded  
CEN/CLC/BTWG 5 Maintenance of CEN/CENELEC Guide 6 Disbanded  
CEN/CLC/BTWG 136-1 Focus group for electrical vehicles standardization Disbanded  
CEN/CLC/JWG FSR CEN/CENELEC Joint Working Group Fire Safety in Railways Disbanded  
CEN/CLC/JWG 94 Streamlining of deliverables Disbanded  
CEN/CLC/TC CEPT/TE0A0   Disbanded  
CEN/CLC/TC ETSI/TCTE0 ETSI technical committee for terminal equipment Disbanded  
CEN/CLC/TC EWOS/EGDIR EWOS expert group: the directory Disbanded  
CEN/CLC/TC EWOS/EGFT0 EWOS expert group: file transfer Disbanded  
CEN/CLC/TC EWOS/EGLL0 EWOS expert group: lower layers Disbanded  
CEN/CLC/TC EWOS/EGMH EWOS Expert Group Message Handling Systems Disbanded  
CEN/CLC/TC EWOS/EGODA EWOS expert group: Office document architecture Disbanded  
CEN/CLC/TC EWOS/EGVT0 EWOS expert group: Virtual terminal Disbanded  
CEN/CLC/TC IT/ITAEGS0 IT advisory group for functional standards Disbanded  
CEN/CLC/TC IT/WG/ARC0   Disbanded  
CEN/CLC/TC IT/WG/CSC0   Disbanded  
CEN/CLC/TC IT/WG/FT00 IT working group file transfer Disbanded  
CEN/CLC/TC IT/WG/LAN0 IT working group local area network Disbanded  
CEN/CLC/TC IT/WG/PMHS IT working group private message handling system Disbanded  
CEN/CLC/TC IT/WG/STEP   Disbanded  
CEN/CLC/TC IT/WG/XXX0 IT working group access to PAD Disbanded