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Some 174 Technical Committees (TCs) and Subcommittees (SCs), and about 700 project teams / maintenance teams carry out the standards work of the CENELEC. These working groups are composed of people from all around the world who are experts in electrotechnology. The great majority of them come from industry, while others from commerce, government, test laboratories, research laboratories, academia and consumer groups also contribute to the work.


Subcommittees are formed by a Technical Committee if it finds its scope too wide to enable all the items on its work programme to be dealt with. The SCs report on their work to the parent TC. The scope (or area of activity) of each Technical Committee (TC) and Subcommittee (SC) is defined by the TC/SC itself, and then submitted to the Standards Management Board (SMB) / parent TC for approval.


Technical Committee membership is composed of the CENELEC National Committees, all of which are free to take part in the work of any given TC, either as:

  • Participating members (P-Members)
    with an obligation to vote at all stages and to attend meetings;
  • Observer members (O-Members)
    with the obligation to vote on Final Draft International Standards.


CENELEC Technical Committees (TCs) and subcommittees (SCs), prepare technical documents on specific subjects within their respective scopes, which are then submitted to the full member National Committees (CENELEC's members) for voting with a view to their approval as International Standards. Distribution of documents for standards production is 100% electronic, thus improving efficiency and reducing costs.


Each National Committee of the CENELEC handles the participation of experts from its country. If you would like to participate in the work of an CENELEC technical committee, please contact your National Committee. If you are in a country where the CENELEC does not have a National Committee, please contact CENELEC Central Office.


In all, some 10 000 experts worldwide participate in the technical work of the CENELEC.

In all, some 10 000 experts worldwide participate in the technical work of the CENELEC.

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