International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

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CEN/CLC/TC 2CEN/CENELEC Joint Technical Group Power Engineering
CLC/BTTF 142-1Product requirements for low voltage cold cathode and LED installations
CLC/TC 210Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
CLC/TC 213Cable management systems
CLC/SC 205AMains communicating systems
CLC/TC 216Gas detectors
CEN/CLC/JWG NAWINon automatic weighing instruments
CLC/SR 48BConnectors
CEN/CLC/TC 1Criteria for conformity assessment bodies
CLC/SR 34CAuxiliaries for lamps
CLC/SR 66Safety of measuring, control, and laboratory equipment
CLC/SR 65ASystem aspects
CLC/SR 80Maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems
CLC/SR 31GIntrinsically-safe apparatus
CLC/SR 32CMiniature fuses
CLC/SR 51Magnetic components and ferrite materials
CLC/SR 56Dependability
CLC/SR 37BSpecific components for surge arresters and surge protective devices
CLC/SR 87Ultrasonics
CLC/BTTF 69-3Road traffic signal systems
CLC/SC 31-5Apparatus type of protection "n"
CLC/SC 31-9Electrical apparatus for the detection and measurement of combustible gases to be used in industrial and commercial potentially explosive atmospheres
CLC/SC 46XCMulticore, multipair and quad data communication cables
CLC/SC 31-1Installation rules
CLC/SC 31-3Intrinsically safe apparatus and systems "i"
CLC/SC 31-4Increased safety "e"
CLC/TC 44XSafety of machinery: electrotechnical aspects
CLC/TC 34ZLuminaires and associated equipment
CLC/TC 79Alarm systems
CLC/TC 72Automatic controls for household use
CLC/TC 62Electrical equipment in medical practice
CLC/SR 114Marine energy - Wave and tidal energy converters
CEN/CLC/JWG 1Energy audits
CEN/CLC/BTWG 1Market relevance of standardization projects
CLC/TC 86BXAFibre optic interconnect, passive and connectorised components