International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

Italian National Committee


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CLC/TC 14Power transformers
CLC/TC 10Fluids for electrotechnical applications
CLC/TC 8XSystem aspects of electrical energy supply
CLC/TC 111XEnvironment
CLC/TC 97Electrical installations for lighting and beaconing of aerodromes
CLC/TC 82Solar photovoltaic energy systems
CLC/TC 55Winding wires
CLC/TC 81XLightning protection
CLC/TC 38Instrument transformers
CLC/SR 23BPlugs, socket-outlets and switches
CLC/SR 86BFibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components
CLC/SR 86CFibre optic systems and active devices
CLC/SR 15Solid electrical insulating materials
CLC/SR 25Quantities and units
CLC/SR 33Power capacitors and their applications
CLC/SR 36Insulators
CLC/BTWG 138-1CENELEC/BT action plan
CLC/TC 23ECircuit breakers and similar devices for household and similar applications
CLC/BTWG 128-3BT efficiency
CEN/CLC/JWG 3Energy Management and related services - General requirements and qualification procedures
CLC/TC 23BXSwitches, boxes and enclosures for household and similar purposes, plugs and socket outlets for d.c. and for the charging of electrical vehicles including their connectors
CEN/CLC/BTWG 211Appropriate representation in technical bodies
CLC/BTWG 112-1Improvement of EN 60309-1 and EN 60309-2