International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

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Work programme
BTTF 62-3Operation of electrical installations3 
BTTF 69-3Road traffic signal systems41
BTWG 101-5Usability and safety of electrical products with reference to people with special needs1 
BTTF 116-2Alcohol interlocks51
BTWG 126-2Internal regulations  
BTTF 128-2Erection and operation of electrical test equipment1 
BTWG 128-3BT efficiency1 
BTTF 129-1Thermal resistant aluminium alloy wire for overhead line conductor1 
BTTF 132-1Aluminium conductors steel supported (ACSS type) for overhead electrical lines1 
BTTF 132-2Revision of EN 50156 "Electrical equipment for furnaces and ancillary equipment"12
BTTF 133-1Sound systems for emergency purposes which are not part of fire detection and alarm systems 1
BTWG 138-1CENELEC/BT action plan  
BTTF 142-1Product requirements for low voltage cold cathode and LED installations 1
BTWG 143-1Alignment of the Low Voltage Directive under the New Legislative Framework 1
BTWG 143-2ENTSO-E standardization activities  
BTTF 146-1Losses of small transformers : methods of measurement, marking and other requirements related to eco-design regulation  
TC 2Rotating machinery557
TC 7XOverhead electrical conductors121
TC 8XSystem aspects of electrical energy supply184
TC 9XElectrical and electronic applications for railways3920
TC 11Overhead electrical lines exceeding 1 kV a.c. (1,5 kV d.c.)13 
TC 13Equipment for electrical energy measurement and load control4414
TC 14Power transformers557
SR 17Switchgear and controlgear  
TC 17ACHigh-voltage switchgear and controlgear546
TC 17BLow-voltage switchgear and controlgear554
SR 17BLow-voltage switchgear and controlgear  
TC 18XElectrical installations of ships and of mobile and fixed offshore units12
SC 18XCSubsea equipment  
TC 20Electric cables21815
TC 21XSecondary cells and batteries5110
TC 22XPower electronics5422
SR 23Electrical accessories4 
TC 23BXSwitches, boxes and enclosures for household and similar purposes, plugs and socket outlets for d.c. and for the charging of electrical vehicles including their connectors417
SR 23BPlugs, socket-outlets and switches  
TC 23ECircuit breakers and similar devices for household and similar applications509
SR 23GAppliance couplers92
SR 23JSwitches for appliances16 
TC 26AElectric arc welding equipment221
TC 26BElectric resistance welding32
TC 31Electrical apparatus for potentially explosive atmospheres3413
SR 32BLow-voltage fuses101
SR 34BLamp caps and holders  
TC 34ZLuminaires and associated equipment26233
SR 35Primary cells and batteries71
TC 36AInsulated bushings103
TC 37ALow voltage surge protective devices131
TC 38Instrument transformers155
TC 40XACapacitors and EMI suppression components11411
TC 40XBResistors424
TC 44XSafety of machinery: electrotechnical aspects211
TC 45AXInstrumentation, control and electrical systems of nuclear facilities134
TC 45BRadiation protection instrumentation214
SR 46FRF and microwave passive components2247
TC 46XCommunication cables9611
SR 47Semiconductor devices693
SR 47AIntegrated circuits461
SR 47EDiscrete semiconductor devices19 
SR 47FMicro-electromechanical systems126
TC 55Winding wires1526
TC 57Power systems management and associated information exchange8413
TC 59XPerformance of household and similar electrical appliances7531
TC 61Safety of household and similar electrical appliances32091
TC 62Electrical equipment in medical practice15049
TC 64Electrical installations and protection against electric shock6113
TC 65XIndustrial-process measurement, control and automation23454
SR 66Safety of measuring, control, and laboratory equipment196
TC 69XElectrical systems for electric road vehicles64
TC 72Automatic controls for household use4810
TC 76Optical radiation safety and laser equipment151
TC 78Equipment and tools for live working559
TC 79Alarm systems10216
TC 81XLightning protection231
TC 82Solar photovoltaic energy systems4915
TC 85XMeasuring equipment for electrical and electromagnetic quantities48
TC 86AOptical fibres and optical fibre cables8620
TC 86BXAFibre optic interconnect, passive and connectorised components29141
TC 88Wind turbines216
TC 95XMeasuring relays and protection equipment261
SR 96Transformers, reactors, power supply units, and combinations thereof251
TC 97Electrical installations for lighting and beaconing of aerodromes9 
SR 97Electrical installations for lighting and beaconing of aerodromes  
TC 99XPower installations exceeding 1 kV a.c. (1,5 kV d.c.)31
TC 100XAudio, video and multimedia systems and equipment and related sub-systems8522
SR 103Transmitting equipment for radiocommunication202
TC 106XElectromagnetic fields in the human environment384
SR 107Process management for avionics  
TC 108XSafety of electronic equipment within the fields of Audio/Video, Information Technology and Communication Technology275
TC 111XEnvironment1011
SR 113Nanotechnology standardization for electrical and electronics products and systems 1
TC 116Safety of motor-operated electric tools6531
TC 204Safety of electrostatic painting and finishing equipment2 
TC 205Home and Building Electronic Systems (HBES)275
TC 209Cable networks for television signals, sound signals and interactive services3013
TC 210Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)14235
TC 213Cable management systems274
TC 215Electrotechnical aspects of telecommunication equipment388
TC 216Gas detectors181
TC 2CEN/CENELEC Joint Technical Group Power Engineering38