International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies


System aspects of electrical energy supply

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CLC/TC 8X Membership (based on Collaboration Tool access)

Country Code
Austria AT NC Official
Belgium BE NC Official
Bulgaria BG NC Official
Croatia HR NC Official
Czech Republic CZ NC Official
Denmark DK NC Official
Finland FI NC Official
France FR NC Official
Germany DE NC Official
Greece GR NC Official
Hungary HU NC Official
Iceland IS NC Official
Ireland IE NC Official
Italy IT NC Official
Malta MT NC Official
Netherlands NL NC Official
Norway NO NC Official
Poland PL NC Official
Portugal PT NC Official
Romania RO NC Official
Slovenia SI NC Official
Spain ES NC Official
Sweden SE NC Official
Switzerland CH NC Official
United Kingdom GB NC Official
Bosnia and Herzegovina   Observer
CECAPI   Observer
DERlab   Observer
ECOS   Observer
ORGALIME   Observer

Facts and figures

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CLC/TC 8X Officers

Mr Hervé ROCHEREAU (France)
Mr Nicola CAMMALLERI (Italy)

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CLC/TC 8X Subcommittee

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CLC/TC 8X Working group

Working group
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WG 01 Physical characteristics of electrical energy (former BTTF 68-6)
WG 03 Requirements for connection of generators to distribution networks
WG 04 Ah WG 38 - Endorsement of IEC 60038 as European Standard
WG 05 Smart grid requirements
WG 06 System aspects for HVDC grid